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The Home of the Divine Mother

Maa Mookambika where Her Grace and Love

flows and Miracles are manifested for Her beloved devotees.

Devi Maa’s temple is on the ground floor of a 4-storey building. You enter through a double wide wooden door through the main building entrance. The moment you enter you realise that you are in the midst of something divine, and Devi’s powerful vibrations encompasses you completely. To the right is a statue of Lord Ganesha and next to Him, are numerous Naga (Snake) statues. Then you come to a small mandir that is made completely of silver in which resides various deities and the main deity Maa Mookambika.

Next to the silver mandir, on the left is Maa Mookambika’s abode where Devi Maa manifested Herself to Swamiji – Vishnu Sadanand Nayak. This is where predictions are now given through Swamiji’s son, Guruji – Satyendra V. Nayak, her current Divine Messenger (patri). The moment you enter this small spiritual powerhouse you are overcome with Devi’s presence and you cannot help but be overwhelmed with Her grandeur, Her gentleness, Her maternal love and Her power. We welcome all of you to come and experience Devi Maa.


Daily Temple Poojas are conducted at 7am and 7pm every day.

Chandi Homa is conducted 4 times a year on Makara Sankranti, Swamiji’s Birthday (2nd August), Durgashhtami, Kollur Rahotsava Day.

All are welcome.


Predictions are given every Tuesday and Friday at 8pm.

Tokens will be issued at 7pm on a first come first serve basis.

On certain days, predictions are not given as Guruji may be travelling.

All are welcome.